Saints-Falcons Live Blog, First Half

11.29.12 5 years ago 825 Comments

My stars, a better than unwatchable game scheduled for a Thursday night? That simply cannot be. At least the three days of preparation will prevent what could be a good contest from living up to its potential.

Being bitter division rivals, the Falcons and the Saints don’t need much to get motivated to play one another. New Orleans, of course, handed Atlanta its only loss of the season earlier this month in the Superdome, after which Roddy White gave the Saints no credit, saying the Falcons only gave the game away. That should ramp up the bad blood a little. As should the fact that airport workers in Atlanta egged the Saints’ team bus on Wednesday night. Once again, the TSA fails to keep our nation’s airports free of dairy based weaponry.

The Falcons maintain a game and a half lead for homefield advantage in the NFC, so the stakes aren’t quite as high for them as they are for the Saints, who would probably like to remain at least in the conversation for the conference’s sixth seed. Still, no doubt Atlanta would like to avoid a season sweep to their hated rivals when the media is already hesitant to give the Falcons serious consideration as Super Bowl contenders, despite their near-perfect record.

On a personal note, I’d like wish horrible things on Michael Turner. Yes, I’m one of the poor saps who has been let down by the fatback in fantasy for much of this season. Still haven’t decided whether I want to give him one last shot at usefulness tonight against a pathetic Saints defense, but if you can’t do anything against New Orleans, you might as well get relegated to the waiver wire.

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