Saints-Seahawks MNF Live Blog, First Half

12.02.13 4 years ago 958 Comments


While this game won’t officially determine who takes homefield, the Seahawks can make it just about a done deal with a win over the Saints at home, since a victory by the Seahawks would move them to 11-1 with tiebreaking wins over both the Saints and the Panthers. A New Orleans win complicates things a bit. For the time being, it would place the Saints in the top spot in the NFC but their lead over the Panthers for the division remains one game with two head-to-head contests coming in the following three weeks.

So New Orleans is the pick if you want to introduce more chaos into the top of the NFC playoff race. The problem, though, is the Saints getting that win. CenturyLink Field is one of the tougher venues to play on the road. Even if teams like the Buccaneers and the Titans have given them a scare or two, Seattle has been typically dominant during their 13-game home winning streak (again, includes the Fail Mary by technicality).

It’ll take some schematic adjustments as well. With the Seahawks secondary thinned by injuries and sometimes odd suspensions, there’s potential vulnerability against the Saints passing game. New Orleans has been getting good production out of Pierre Thomas in recent weeks, so it’s also possible that compensating for the weaknesses in pass coverage would open more holes in a Seattle run defense is merely just pedestrian compared with their pass D.

Oh and this is the first career meeting between Drew Brees and Russell Wilson so have your short jokes ready.

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