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A few weeks ago, I posted the short film Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!), by director and special effects artist Fede Alvarez (video below).  Now Alvarez is in talks with Sam Raimi to film a full-length feature for the Ghost House production label. Slashfilm reports:

Apparently the two have already spoken at length and the expectation is that Raimi will help Alvarez make the transition to feature filmmaking without too much interference from suits and money men.

According to a report in El Pais (via Film Junk), the film that Alvarez has signed on to make for Ghost House will also feature giant robots. He’s working with a budget of $30 to $40 million and has a $1 million fund just to fund script development. […] According to Alvarez, he and Raimi share a vision of what the feature film should be and this is why he was happy to sign with Ghost House. It seems that he didn’t even keep his appointments to meet with “Dreamworks, Fox, Warner and The Weinstein Company”.

Hopefully, the finished product will be like District 9 rather than this guy turning out to be the Uruguayan Michael Bay.  I’d make a joke about how Uruguayan Michael Bay differs from regular Michael Bay, except I have no knowledge of Uruguayans.  Are they one of the square states by Nebraska?  I guess I’ll just have to make up some stereotypes about them.  Hmm.  I’ve heard they all ride around on Shetland ponies and listen to instrumental indie rock.  Therefore, Uruguayan Michael Bay likes to strap dynamite to ponies and his favorite band is Explosions in the Sky.

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