San Francisco Is (Not Surprisingly) The Frontrunner To Host Super Bowl 50

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05.20.13 58 Comments

With the San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium, by all accounts, set to become the world’s greatest sports venue – sorry, Clearwater Hooters – it’s a given that it will be the home to the NFL’s grandest celebration of the league’s unparalleled success, Super Bowl L. Nevertheless, the 49ers and city officials are still presenting their case to the league for the sake of procedure, but I imagine that it will just involve a lot of dismissive wanking, eye rolls and jokes about Stephen Ross and Pitbull ziplining over homeless people.

Because their new stadium will honor the past, present and future of American football, the 49ers are pitching their venue based on the fact that the Super Bowl started in California so it should be celebrated there as well. And they’re driving home their point by showcasing the stadium’s (eventual) awesome technological and ecological advantages.

The group will highlight its Super Bowl plan as the “greenest” ever. Levi’s Stadium will be the first to be “neutral to the grid,” meaning that for the Niners’ 10 home games each year, the stadium will be completely powered by the sun. (Via

The emphasis should be on the “the stadium”, because, as always, Jim Harbaugh will still be powered by gluten-free crystal meth.

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