Sassafraz – Time Will Tell EP

07.28.13 4 years ago

sassafraz time will tell

Progression is a beautiful thing.

Sassafraz started as an experimental college band back in 2008, originally known as First Street Heat. Their roster has evolved over the years, to the point where a complete name change was deemed necessary in 2012. Through it all, the band provided two things: experimental, genre-bending music and incredible live shows.

But this? Time Will Tell? Talk about a band growing up. From the refined, professional sound (it was recorded in Atlanta’s famed Tree Sound Studios to the album artwork (seriously, juxtapose this with an earlier EP we featured last year for a good chuckle), the maturity of this album just shines through.

And the actual music? Pretty incredible. It’s clear that the composers (Jack Gould, Eric Turner and co.) have yet to hear a sound that they didn’t entertain when making this thing. And while that might sound like a recipe for disaster, the group’s caring hands make everything mesh together in such a proper, logical way.

“See What I See” transitions from an ode to big band to an incredible emcee showcase to a soulful, harmonic hook at a pace entirely too quick to inspect without moving and grooving along. “Breaking News” is an angry, epic bemoaning of the 24/7 news cycle. And don’t even get me started on “The Evil Disco Polka,” an eight-minute journey through more sounds than can really be described (chilled, warped and flipped bass, stripped-back rapping, Talking Heads-style hooks… you know what? Just hit play).

But then, that’s a lot of words for a project that you probably didn’t anticipate coming across. Hit play and see what the fuss is about. Something tells me we’ll be hearing more of these guys moving forward.

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