Saturday Morning Cartoons: Karate Kommandos “Deadly Dolphin”

11.02.09 8 years ago

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons. I’m guessing, if you’re like me, you don’t wake up early enough on Saturdays to actually watch cartoons. And even if you do, these cartoons today just don’t hold up to the ones we watched as kids, right? So, in an effort to take you on an animated nostalga flashback, I’m scouring the internet for some of my favorite toons.

After posting that rad Chuck Norris custom G.I. Joe the other day, I did some searching for Norris’ cartoon Karate Kammandos and found this episode on YouTube called “Deadly Dolphin.” Note the live-action intro by the man himself and then just sit back, relax and take all the 1986 goodness.

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