Scandal! Incredible Hulk Caught Selling Drugs in England

12.28.11 6 years ago

Bad news Marvel maniacs — it seems as though the Incredible Hulk has allowed his anger at the world to turn him towards drug dealing. Or at least some English guy named Scott Anderson dressed at the Incredible Hulk has. But hey, there’s already been like, a dozen different Hulks in the comics, so I’m not ready to rule Scott Anderson out as the real deal just yet.

Anyways, according to police in Coventry, England they spied a man dressed as (or transformed into) the Hulk outside a pub selling cocaine. According to Anderson he had simply found himself in possession of some cocaine and was selling it because he didn’t want it, which was probably for the best — the last thing we need is the Incredible Hulk running around hopped on coke.

Unfortunately for Anderson his “I was selling drugs to get the drugs away from me!” explanation didn’t fly and he was given two years in prison. Fellow Hulks Bruce Banner and General Thaddeus E. Ross have declined to comment.

via Coventry Telegraph

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