Schadenfreude Gallery: All the Photos of Jay Cutler Getting Sacked You Could Possibly Want

10.04.10 7 years ago 62 Comments

I wish no ill upon the Bears; Chicago is a wonderful city that has provided me with many good times. And I have nothing against Jay Cutler and his stupid sulky face. I hope his concussion isn’t serious, because his interceptions give me great pleasure from week to week.

Bears fans, on the other hand, can go piss up a rope. This gallery of Cutler suffering brain damage is for every Facebook status I read over the last couple of weeks that said “BEARS!” instead of “Ugh, we really didn’t deserve to win that one.”


Awww, that one actually makes me feel kinda bad for ol’ Jay. Although I doubt that Packers and Lions fans are feeling much compassion.

BONUS CONTENT!!! Bears second- and third-string quarterbacks getting hurt:

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