Schlubby, Jonah Hill-esque Commercial Actor Has Fantasic Range, General Ubiquity

09.11.09 8 years ago 31 Comments

With the arrival of the new NFL season also brings a first glimpse at the slate of ads that will run practically on loop during broadcasts throughout the year. So far, we got familiar retreads on Coors Light coach ads (the Romeo Crennel one was actually decent) as well more lecturing from DirecTV spokespeople. The Guitar Hero ad with Hugh Hefner and a bunch of Playmates doing the Risky Business thing was light chuckleworthy boner fuel. And, of course, nothing would be the same if were deprived of $10 discount mall douchecut Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint.

But the true star of the night was schlubby, stubbly multi-chinned guy with the great versatility of eyewear. For the role of sarcastic guy in the PS3 ad (above), he knows it requires the big plastic frames, because nothing complements a Keyboard Cat shirt quite the same.

But for sarcastic guy giving a dry answer to his friend in the TGI Friday ad? No, don’t change that shirt (maybe button it up a little though), but slip on the wireframes. Because we know gamer nerd is digging into a box of 30 frozen taquitos. But the TGI Friday’s guy, he’s eating out, probably after work, where he has to look distinguished (insofar as schlubby fat guy can – and still without shaving), so the wireframes it is.

Didn’t bother to notice such tiny, but significant, details during last night’s game? That’s why you’re not a pro like this guy. I wonder if his reign over our televisions this fall will be a merciful one.

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