Sci-Fi Puns, Kitties In The Mist, And Links

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Meme Watch: Chris Hansen Cat Would Like You To Have A Seat Right Over There |UPROXX|

‘60′s Batman Running Away From Sh*t’ Is The Best 60′s Superhero Comedy You’ll See Today |UPROXX|

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/5/12: In Celebration Of Transvestite Wonder Women |With Leather|

20 Reasons Why Moira O’Hara May Be the Sexiest Character on Television |Warming Glow|

A Comprehensive Guide To Amber Tamblyn’s Next Level Email Prank On Tyrese Gibson |UPROXX|

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD and Streaming: Rated ARG for Pirates |Film Drunk|

What Was In LeBron’s Tiny Purse? |Smoking Section|

Hey Shawty, Don’t Forget To Buy Your Justin Bieber Hallmark Cards |UPROXX|

LEGO May Have Spoiled The Villains In The Avengers |Film Drunk|

Megan Fox Isn’t Allowed to Watch ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ |Warming Glow|

Suddenly, The Emmys Snubbing Nick Offerman Makes A Lot Of Sense |With Leather|

“Alright, I’ve Totally Got A Boner.” |High Definite|

The Tim and Eric Scream Gauntlet |Adult Swim|

Classic Movies Subtitled For Bros |HuffPost Comedy|

‘The Artist’ Star Uggie the Dog is the New Nintendo Spokesdog |The FW|

Three Kinds of Movie/TV Characters Who Actually Need Smartphones |Unreality|

12 extremely depressing facts about popular music. Number 12 should be number 1 |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: Truly this is the Dian Fossey of cats. |via Arbroath|

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