Scientists Invent Portable Black Hole, Because Ending the World Is Fun

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Meet the “omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber”. What is it? It’s a black hole that can suck up microwave electromagnetic frequencies! In other words, we’ve got the first step towards a weaponized black hole!


The scientists, Qiang Chen and Tie Jun Cui, developed it by arranging circuit boards in concentric layers and coating them with metamaterials, which are also being used to invent invisibility cloaks. The outer layer was coated in materials that weren’t microwave resonant, while the inner layer was. The net result is a device that bags 99% of the microwave spectrum and turn it into heat, without any reflection. In other words, they’re building a radar-eater.

They also claim it could have advantages in developing heating and cooling systems, and harvesting electromagnetic waves for heat and energy. You know, like that device in “Southland Tales” that’s slowing the rotation of the Earth.

And what are these geniuses developing next, in between classes on holding the world for ransom and maniacal laugher? One that can eat visible light! Oh good! This will end well! And it’s in the hands of the Chinese too! Maybe buying that AR-15 was a sound investment after all.

[ via GizMag ]

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