Scotty ATL Continues His Rise With New EP, ‘OTR2SJ’

07.01.14 3 years ago 3 Comments


I usually like to start these kind of posts out with a quote, if I can. It’s kinda cliched, but call it a weird writers’ OCD. It just makes everything seem more complete.

It took me a long f*cking time to find one from Scotty ATL’s latest project, OTR2SJ (short for On The Road 2 Spaghetti Junction). I was overwhelmed. Whether it be ducking industry lames in “The Journey” (“Hear it in your tone, stop answering calls when they hit me on the phone if I don’t fuck with them like that/Oh yeah, and fuck your list…”), hyping up his cause in the same track (“This is NWA/This is Pimp C with some Outkast, some new-sh*t-of-the-day/this is Hennessey with a jay/or the strongest n***a in G-A”) or bemoaning broken trends (“But if you make it in this rap world only, make it if you payin, cuz radio ain’t playin’…”), Scotty had something worth quoting.

I gave up. Too hard.

Plain and simple, there aren’t many currently in the game who find a way to blend classic southern roots with such rich lyrical content as Scotty. And DJ Burn One produced most of the thing, which is great because DJ Burn One. We’ve seen Burn in fine form plenty of times, but these are top-shelf beats if he’s ever produced them. Combine the two and you have what should go down as one of the best projects of the summer.

If there are tiers to New Atlanta, Scotty ATL is sitting behind the Young Thugs, Migos and Ques of the scene.

If all is right with the world, that’s about to change.

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