#SDMR Podcast Episode 19: The Art Of Sneakers & “Buying Cool”

04.22.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Recently, I was asking to be a guest for the latest episode of the SDMR Podcast (Sneaker Design, Media and Retail), hosted by Brett Golliff, Jacques Slade and Sneakerbox Clyde. Obviously, we talked about shoes but the topics covered a ton of ground and the perspectives varied.

The convo initially focused on the Roshe Run and sneakers as a form of art (strange thought, isn’t it?) and things rolled downhill from there to where we were discussing why we buy what we buy, i.e. the idea people attempting to “buy cool.” Sprinkled throughout are mentions of Foams, the Jordan XX8 and a few minutes spent on the XI, which as it turns out isn’t a heavy favorite as most would think.

I’m usually reluctant to get into discussions about shoes or music because people always want to argue opinions. Frankly, I’m more prone to listening and learning from others than talking than injecting my two cents. I’m pretty happy buying the stuff I like and enjoy and leaving others to do the same.

But I did get a tremendous kick out of talking to folks who have their own ideas based off concrete experience and that’s what Brett, Jacques and Clyde bring to the table. They’re sharp, friendly guys who know their stuff so it was an honor to be involved in their discussion.

Listen to the stream below and/or grab the mp3 here (right click, save as). Be sure to bookmark SDMR.com, too.

#SDMR Podcast 19: The Art of Sneakers With John Gotty

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