#SDMR Podcast Episode 25: On The Marriage Of Kanye West & adidas

11.29.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

#SDMR Episode 23 (05-22-13)

With Kanye setting multiple worlds abuzz with his recent round of interviews and stage rants, the #SDMR (Sneaker Design Media & Retail) gang of Sneakerbox Clyde, Kustoo and Brett fire up their podcast to discuss the potential implications of Yeezy’s recent move to adidas. Since these three gents actually know the sneaker business, don’t expect hot air during the broadcast. Nothing but strong opinions with the credibility to back them up.

“Though it has yet to be confirmed by the Brand with the Three Stripes, Kanye West has been the topic of discussion this week. From his “rants” at last few MSG stops on the Yeezus Tour, to his interviews with Power 105, HOT 97 and other notable radio stations. Kanye West has everyone’s attention and is making sure we here him; loud and clear. So back one last time before we close out 2013, #SDMR is back to discuss the topic at hand like no one else can.”

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