Seahawks-49ers Live Blog, Second Half

10.18.12 5 years ago 742 Comments

It appears that Seahawks-49ers is the new Steelers-Ravens: a defensive stand-off where the first team to score a touchdown wins. So far, Seattle has been the team with chances to get them. Rookie running back Robert Turbin had probably would have been a touchdown go off his hands when he got a step on a linebacker on a swing pass. Braylon Edwards, of course, lost a jump ball in the end zone. And Ben Obomanu got caught up in the phenomenon that is the Deckering meme and let the field trip him up before he get big yards after the catch.

This type of game seems very repellent to the casual fan. I happen to enjoy them. It’s the type of contest you see less and less in the modern NFL. So while there are those who inevitably complain that sans multiple touchdowns per half, a game is a huge disappointment, there is a lot to enjoy about defense well played and the huge payoff that comes when a decisive offensive play is pulled off.

In terms of scoring, there weren’t a lot of high points in the first half. There were field goals. Scoring need not always dictate the quality of a game. The passing games aren’t quite there, but the running game is working if either team wants to stick with it. For what it’s worth, Marshawn Lynch dragging Dashon Goldon all over the field has been quite satisfying to watch.

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