Sean Falyon – “This Far” Video

01.05.11 7 years ago

Sean Falyon is at the point of no return…and he’s in the supermarket looking at you buy those Trojan® Fire & Ice joints. He was just at the Sugar Bowl cheering on the Buckeyes and if your laptop has a glare on it, move it out of the light and you’ll see him standing behind you, raiding your fridge. Just face it, Soupy Jones is a human Visa® card and he’s not slowing his roll in 2011.

Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World is the next escapade for the ubiquitous, bearded on and as you can see from the highest mountain top in Nepal…Georgia, Sean Falyon has come too far not to be on your radar. He’s like your shadow fool! Right behind ya!

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