“Bi-Racial” Is The Best Pop-Locking Ode To Mixed-Race Women You’ll Hear Today

02.01.13 5 years ago 33 Comments

Quickly, so you can get to the awesomeness of Sean Fury waxing poetic about bi-racial girls who are better than diamond pearls

1. This video has apparently been around since last May. But I just saw it last weekend so f*ck you.

2. Sweater/Wife Beater hybrids are never not funny.

3. There’s a huge part of me praying that he’s not pop-locking and instead only moves like that. Like a reverse Drag-On stuttering thing where he only moves in pop-locks when he sings but walks normal when he’s not singing. Or better yet, like a singing version of that cheerleader who had the bad flu vaccine and couldn’t walk right but ran perfectly fine.

4. At 1:35 dude looks like he’s about to pass out from too much sweatery summertime jukin’. Pace yourself.

5. Please point me to the city where Sean Fury is in the middle of the sidewalk performing racial baptisms to save sorta Hispanic women from being all the way Hispanic or Black-sorta. That’s an American city I can support.

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