Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Week — Week 5

10.08.08 9 years ago 38 Comments

Only one of my friends is as much a scatterbrain as me, but I can at least hold over him the fact that he took eight years to finish undergrad at Howard. After changing his major four times, I was curious to see what he’d get into once he finally got out. So I dropped by his place for the first time in months and out of nowhere, hundreds of toys are strewn about the place. As in, action figures and Micro Machine playsets and shit. It looks like a Chester’s wonderland. Of late, it seems, he’s spending his time raiding the area thrift stores, buying up their toy stock and trying to sell the playroom detritus online.

Me: “You can’t be serious.”

Friend: “I just had a sale for $186.”

Me: “What’d you sell for $186?”

Him: “A bunch of Choose Your Own Adventure books.”

Me: “How many?”

Him: “40.”

Me: “Is that the complete set?”

Him: [A little too aghast] “Are you kidding? There are hundreds. There’s the [Something] series and the [Something] series. This doesn’t cover anywhere close to all of them.”

Me: “Oh.”

He had initially gone into this scheme with another friend of his, but they had something of a falling out. Now they’re each going at it alone. On a few occasions, one has caught the other coming out of a local thrift store post-purchase and an ugly scene has ensued.

My takeway from all this is that I need new friends.

Anyway, early in the week we at KSK were chiming in with our respective homeristic choices for Meast. Maj wanted Portis, I wanted Roethlisberger, Ufford naturally demanded Brian Russell and while Drew never actually said anything about Antoine Winfield it’s safe to assume he has his replica jersey coming in the mail.

Because I’m a man of compromise, I’ll give it to LaMarr Woodley, who had another two sacks Sunday, giving the second-year pro and first-year starter five and a half for the season, putting both he and fellow Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison in the top five in the league. Weeeee!

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