Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of the Week — Week 8

10.30.08 9 years ago 71 Comments

Politics makes people retarded, in an even less pleasant way than how sports makes people retarded. Observe any of the political flame wars that have erupted the last few weeks in the comment threads anytime the election has been mentioned even tangentially.

Most folks have grown tired of the coverage and just want the shit to be done. As a resident of a swing state, I couldn’t agree more. So it was with some bemusement that I saw this post speculating whether sports blogs will endorse candidates. Because if people don’t care who sports stars themselves endorse, they’ll certainly have their ears pinned back to hear what a bunch of dick joke slinging retards have to say about the subject.

Let me be clear: The only thing KSK is endorsing is copious cheerleader pics and running down Tony Kornheiser with your car. But if you must know, I’m voting for Obama, if only to cancel out the vote of fellow VA. resident The Mayor of the Wasilla of Stadiums, who had this bit of preemptive shittalk to air on my homertastic Steelers blog.

The Mayor of FedEx Field

Nice write up! The way you describe things you would think the Steelers were undefeated and the Redskins were yet to win a game.

Reality is, the Washington Redskins have a better record than your Steelers!

And if I needed any more reason to hate the Steelers, your owner Rooney, endorsed Barack Hussein Obama on Monday.

Should be a good game though, here is to no injuries,and a Redskins and McCain victory next week!

Enjoy your obstructed view seats!

Damn our owner Rooney! If he weren’t a forgettable rock band from California, I might like the guy!

See how annoying it is to mix your politics with sports? Let this be a lesson to all of us.

Anyway, your Meast this week is Santana Moss, who had 9 catches for 140 yards, one receiving touchdown and another on a punt return.

But more importantly because if he gets it this week, he can’t possibly win it next week! Bwahahaha!

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