This Seattle Seahawks TD Belongs On An And 1 Mixtape

12.02.13 4 years ago 14 Comments


Russell Wilson: Okay, guys, I promise, this is going to be awesome.  Kellen, I’m going to throw the ball as hard as I can at your face.  Then, Derrick, catch the ball on the rebound as it sails off of Kellen’s helmet, but before it sails out of bounds.  Then, reach over Kellen for the touchdown.  They’ll never see it coming.

Kellen Davis: Absolutely not.

Derrick Coleman: That is the most asinine idea I have ever heard.

/russell wilson does it anyway

//seattle news reports are released tomorrow describing a horrific string of hooker slayings perpetuated very late in the evening

///wolfman rob takes deep breath, smiles at the shining sun, boards plane back to new orleans

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