The 100-Word Review: Shad’s ‘Flying Colors’

11.24.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

shad flying colours album cover

2011’s TSOL established Shad as one of the few remaining “conscious rappers” (an admittedly reductive label) worth listening to. Flying Colours, his recently released fourth album, has all the sharp-tongued witticisms (“Stylin,” “Epilogue: Long Lawn”) and earnest, good-natured reflections (“Fam Jam”) you’d expect, but it never does quite settle into a musical groove. Shad’s social commentary, usually best when he’s approaching at an angle, feels a bit heavy-handed here, almost Prufrockian in its melancholy. Much better is the quiet storm-y “He Say She Say,” a heartfelt double-sided look into a late 20’s romance on the rocks.

Standout Songs: “He Say She Say,” “Stylin,” “Yall Know Me”

Songs to Skip: “Love Means,” “Thank You”

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