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Lira Galore (@Lira_Galore)

Shaq Is Crowdfunding A ‘Shaq Fu’ Sequel [The Verge]

SAT Scores of the Rich and Famous [6th Floor]

Kick Andrew Jackson Off the $20 Bill! [Slate]

Bears Won’t Re-Sign Devin Hester [ESPN Chicago]

Man Catches Beatdown Over Chipotle Burrito [Urban Daily]

The Best Concept Rides From 2014 Geneva Motor Show [Giant]

How to Stop Being a Cynical Asshole [Lifehacker]

Done in Denver, Champ Bailey Has No Plans To Retire [USA Today]

Can You Beat Most Americans At The National Science Quiz? [PolySci]

Bully Who Outed Duke Pron Star Has His Pron Preferences Publicized [Bed Post]

Moving To A Rich Neighborhood Is As Traumatic As Going To War For Boys [New Republic]

Parents Won’t Have to Give Allowance to the Daughter Who’s Suing Them [Gawker]

A Very Important And Scientific Ranking Of Jerry’s Girlfriends On ‘Seinfeld’ [Warming Glow]

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