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The Sharktopus, which is totally real and also invented the cheetahpult, is getting the B-movie treatment this year.  SyFy original movies director Karen O’Hara announced via SyFy’s twitter that Roger Corman would be producing Sharktopus for the SyFy channel.  The movie’s been rumored for awhile; she tweeted over a month ago, “So – if you were making a movie called SHARKTOPUS – half shark, half octopus – what cool stunts would you like to see the creature do?”

I want to see it drink a whole gallon of milk without throwing up.  Anyway, they found the perfect dude to produce this.  You may know Roger Corman as the producer of Supergator, Gatorpocalypse, Megacroc, Gator Bikini Beach Party, Dinocroc, Dinosaur Island, Carnosaur 3, Dinosaur Temptation Island, Dinoshark, Raptor, and Ultrashark versus the Argonauts. Guess which titles I just made up.

[Picture credits: Matt Leach, McDevvitt Studio, and Uncyclopedia]

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