Sharktopus Trailer To Rock Your Face Off

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07.16.10 3 Comments

SyFy has released a trailer for Sharktopus, based on the totally real Sharktopus who invented the cheetahpult.  The trailer features beach music, slow motion shots of women in bikinis running (gotta establish this is a beach, of course),  Sharktopus battling a shark, Eric Roberts, lots of blood, a spider baby, Sharktopus roaring like a lion who is angrily playing with a chainsaw in a cave (as is their wont), seriously a lot of blood and gore, Sharktopus walking around on land breathing oxygen, Sharktopus settling down on a couch to eat bon bons and watch the Oxygen network, Eric Roberts being arrogant on a boat (gee, I wonder if Sharktopus will find him there), Sharktopus eating a bungee jumper, Sharktopus eating an entire Ziggy Piggy, and a blogger wondering if he just saw every kill in the entire movie.  Guess which ones I just made up.

Speaking of shark awesomeness, here’s what The Discovery Channel did to their building in preparation for Shark Week:

As Tracy Morgan says, live every week like it’s Shark Week.  And here’s that trailer:

*kisses fingertips* Magnifico.

[Trailer via Blastr, banner pic via Matt Leach, Discovery Channel building via Buzzfeed]

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