Shockingly, Chris Berman Has An Obnoxious Golf Bag

12.06.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Chris Berman is a man of many interests: shouting catch phrases, shouting sound effects, shouting tired classic rock-inspired nicknames, shouting namedrops of celebrities/presidential candidates he’s encountered, Canadian aspirin, leather-clad women and, of course, golfing. His interests aren’t mutually exclusive, mind you. For instance, based on the picture tweeted by professional golfer Keegan Bradley of Berman’s golf bag, we can see once again that Berman thinks quite highly of his own media persona and its various hallmarks.

Not only is there one tag that refers to him as “Boomer,” a nickname I’m certain Berman insists everyone in the studio use for him on-air to make it seem like everyone is his friend, there’s another from a golf club in Hawaii (Berman does love his Hawaiian shirts!) that is emblazoned with “C’MON, MAN”, a Monday Night Countdown segment that Berman rarely, if ever, does, but is undoubtedly still more than happy to take credit for. I can’t imagine there being many things in the world worse than playing a round of golf with Chris Berman. Though I’m sure most of them also involve holes and Berman in some fashion.

[via reader Patrick]

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