Shots Not Fired: You Can Finish 'Titanfall' Without Ever Using Your Gun

03.18.14 4 years ago


This guy is doing it wrong. 

By all accounts, Titanfall is a rousing good time when you’re playing competitively, but it also has a campaign mode. Well, sort of. The campaign mode just dumps you and a bunch of other players onto a multiplayer map with a bit of narration and an objective to guide you.

Now, in theory you’re supposed to be all RAH RAH WOOHOO and run off with your buddies to complete the mission, but if you’re more the passive/lazy type, it’s perfectly possible to just trot around looking busy while everyone else does all the real work. If the other guys finish the mission while you were smelling the flowers you get to go on even though you contributed nothing. Basically this is the approach I used to get through most sports in gym class, my high school job at the supermarket, my…well, let’s just say this style of play would have appealed to teenage me.

Here’s a video of YouTuber Tony taking in some lovely scenery while his friends finish a mission for him…

“We’re losing Charlie! Oh God!” [Tony appreciates some buttercups].

Here’s Tony avoiding action on a somewhat more frantic map…

Hmmm, a game where the eager/dumb/naive can run in and do all the work for people who can’t be assed? Well, give the makers of Titanfall credit — their game is certainly a truer reflection of society than most shooters.

via Kotaku

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