‘Sh*t YouTubers Say’ Is Kinda Late, Slightly Meta, And Entirely Spot On

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01.06.12 3 Comments

We should probably retire our coverage of the “Sh*t ____ Say” phenomenon after the brilliant “Sh*t Wookies Say” but it’s Friday afternoon and Cajun Boy is out delivering babies and Vince already covered Jeremy Renner’s Thai Axe Fight and if I was into retiring things at their peak I wouldn’t be wearing a Big Johnson t-shirt right now.

By now you’re all fully aware of how these videos work — and if you’re not, where have you been, outdoors? — so I’m not getting into the general premise. I do think this one deserves some pub though because it’s kinda meta and YouTube commenters are some of the most vile, hateful, uncreative creatures on the planet. That can’t be brought to light enough. Even though the dudes in the video are a tad old I imagine 99% of YouTube commenters are 17 year-old males: the most vile, hateful, uncreative creatures on the planet.

They really could have just stopped at the five second mark but the rest is spot on as well…

TheElEmEhShow via Buzzfeed

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