Sh*tcanned: Leslie Frazier

12.30.13 4 years ago 19 Comments


Leslie will serve as the last testament to the fact that you can’t have a dominant running game with average-at-best QB play and expect to last long. The Vikings made the playoffs last year behind Adrian Peterson not really being the same species as you or I, but when you have a QB platoon that would look more in place managing a BW3 than an NFL offense, you’re not going to last long as a head coach.

The wheels came off when: They amassed the most hilarious group of backup QBs to compete for the starting job since Jon Gruden brought in Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, and Jake Plummer.

His record: .384 (20-32-1)

Why you shouldn’t feel bad for him: He was under contract through next year, so he’s owed millions to walk away. His name will come up as a possibility for over/under 5.5 head coaching jobs in 2014, most of them in much warmer cities than Minneapolis.

What he had to do to save his job: Finish .500. With dogshit at the QB position, Frazier was in a “buy some time” situation. If Josh Freeman hadn’t been historically terrible in his one game with the Vikings, Frazier might have had something to point to.

Helpful Google search results:Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 8.10.35 AM
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Who fired him? Evil Hanna-Barbera character Zygi Wilf (pictured) and GM Rick Spielman


Where is he going? Frazier showed promise in 2012, so he has the potential to land somewhere as a head coach immediately. He’ll get some interest from rich old white men who have more of an interest in satisfying the Rooney rule than actually considering him, but he’s done enough to get another chance sooner rather than later. Barring that, he’ll get picked up as a defensive coordinator.

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