Shut Up, Jim Irsay

03.28.12 6 years ago 30 Comments

Only Jim Irsay could cruelly toy with the expectations of Redskins fans and still find a way to be annoying about it. The Colts owner claims the team is still officially undecided as to who they plan to take with the first pick. By now, Redskins fans have gotten so used to the idea of their team taking RGIII that they don’t want to have to undergo the abrupt mental shock of adjusting to Andrew Luck at this point. Plus, it might be awkward for the owner of this car.

Irsay took a break from randomly tweeting Big Lebowski lines and classic rock lyrics (OMG YOU GUYS, THIS ASSHOLE WHO INHERITED AN NFL TEAM IS QUOTING ‘FORTUNATE SON’) to post a goddamn riddle about RGIII on his feed. How big of a dicksmack do you have to be to post teasing nonsensical riddles about your draft intentions on Twitter? What kills me most is that you just know if this guy didn’t grow up the son of an NFL owner that he’d be a huge burnout selling chintzy medieval weapons out of the trunk of his car because he didn’t want to pay the vendor fee at the Renaissance Fair. That’s a very specific vision I have for Irsay’s alternate life, but you can’t convince me it wouldn’t happen.


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