Shy Glizzy Ft. Trinidad Jame$ – “Pilot” Video

05.16.13 4 years ago

DC’s Shy Glizzy has made several connections outside of his city that have served his young career well. Of course, his first foray outside of the beltway was more like a collision, as he gained some early buzz from a beef with Chicago’s Chief Keef. Since then, he’s collaborated with ATL’s Jose Guapo for a joint mixtape, and now with Def Jam signee, Trinidad James on the latest single from Fxck Rap, “Pilot.”

The pair has strong chemistry as they trade verses about all things fly. High-end designers are name-dropped and premium vodka is placed as prominently on camera as their beautiful co-stars. James turns one of his better performances in recent memory, displaying all of the charisma that spurred Def Jam to shell out. Glizzy is plenty charismatic himself, and his unique, DC-inflected, rasp still stands out alongside the rising gold star. Shy Glizzy’s Fxck Rap is still available for download (grab it here) with a new mixtape, Law 2 set to drop this summer.

H/T: eskay

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