Shy Glizzy – “I Wish” Video

03.14.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Much to chagrin of likely many, Shy Glizzy’s Fxck Rap mixtape was a solid project from 2012 providing an in-depth look into the life of the D.C. native from an extremely raw perspective. “I Wish” was, by far, one of the project’s top highlights.

Stopping by Maurice’s site, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Shy dropped a video for the record. There’s a certain honesty and vulnerability resonating from the lyrics making for strong listen with its fair share of replay value. Like Mo, I was somewhat shocked to find out buddy had a short “beef” with Chief Keef over who knows what. I never bothered to do a Google search, and quite frankly don’t give much of a damn to find out.

And not to repeat what was already said, comparing the two young artists, the honestly and articulation of his highs, lows, fears and ambitions undoubtedly draw me in more to Glizzy as opposed to Keef. “I Wish” helps dictate this belief and provides hope Shy may just be finding his niche as an artist. There’s nothing wrong with making music to smoke to, to drink to, to party to or vibe our head to. Adding a spice of reflection and introspection, however, has never been a detriment.

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