The iPod Shuffle – Shyne’s “Bonnie & Shyne”

11.23.13 4 years ago 13 Comments


We all don’t like Shyne anymore. Be honest.

But there’s no doubt that there was a time when he was the underdog’s champion and, with Bad Boy backing him, he was sure to win.

But he didn’t.

Regardless, the handful of gems we’re left with from this new Jew are pretty timeless. A perfect example lies with the Barrington Levy-assited, Chucky Thompson-produced quasi-raggae “Bonnie & Shyne”. Comforting guitar loops and an authentic riddim put Levy right at home, cause he wails on this song like it’s his own. Shyne spits that lovey-dovey sh*t, making this probably his most humble song. He should try to get back to that.

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