Let’s Swoon In Unison As Sia Sings Rihanna’s “Diamonds”

11.30.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

Sia is such a wonderful Australian songstress and human being that warms my cold, dark heart. “Breathe Me” is in my personal “sing really loudly in the car by myself” playlist because her voice is the stuff of Iliad’s famed sirens.

That’s why when it spread across the Interwebs that Sia wrote “Diamonds” for pop star and farming enthusiast Rihanna with a video to prove it, I may have gotten a tad bit giddy. Said video is absolutely worth the hype as Sia kills the song, adding her acoustic twist to make it different and, in my opinion, much better. Take a look below.

Also included is a video of Sia explaining the process behind writing the song and how she’s infinitely better at doing music than most anyone else in the world. JUST LISTENING TO HER TALK MY HEART MELTS!!!

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