Listen To Sid Sriram’s Short But Sweet Rendition Of Kanye’s “Blood On The Leaves”

07.21.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

Sid Sriram Blood On The Leaves

California crooner Sid Sriram returns with his take on Kanye’s “Blood on the Leaves.” A quick perusing of his Youtube channel brings up quite the wealth of covers, but his singing abilities and musicality are what separates him from others. That, and he’s not corny.

Working his magic, a stripped down, more digestible version is what we are left with, thanks to the lack of autotune and hodgepodge of designer musical elements, à la Kanye. I wasn’t desiring an alternate version of Yeezus’ song (that’s how Kanye wants us to refer to now, right?), but oftentimes some of the best things in life come as a surprise.

Listen below before downloading the mp3 here. Sid’s West Coast Night Fall Pt. 2 is coming soon.

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