Sifl And Olly Are Coming Back To Review Fake Video Games! (Plus A Clip Gallery)

09.05.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

I keep throwing money at the screen, but nothing’s happening.

I’ll admit without shame that The Sifl And Olly Show was a staple of my teen years as soon as we finally got MTV in my hometown. (Did you guys know MTV is of the Devil? Because according to my hometown up until the late ’90s, it was.) The surrealist sock puppet and parody song show by Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco was cancelled by MTV in 1999, and MTV squatted on the rights for years.
Lynch recently posted a couple pictures on Twitter hinting at a return of Sifl And Olly (as well as Precious Roy and Chester).

This is crescent fresh. Super cres’ at best.
After a very long hiatus, they’ve set up a new official Twitter and released the first video below, a promo (via Buzzfeed) for eight new Sifl And Olly episodes. All episodes will be online and center on giving real reviews for nonexistent video games.
We’ve also collected some of our favorite Sifl And Olly Show clips. Put some cereal in your pocket (for the ladies) and check it all out below.

“United States of Whatever” debut

Prostitute Laundry

Hot. Legless. Dogs.

Talking Monkeys

Chester’s tips on the ladies

Precious Roy’s Squirrel Zapper

Precious Roy’s Sasquatch Feeder

Get the bubbles, Chester.

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