The First New Episode Of ‘Sifl And Olly’ Is Here To Slap Dat Azz

09.11.12 5 years ago

Last week we celebrated the return of Sifl and Olly (and Chester and Precious Roy). New Sifl and Olly adventures are coming as an eight-episode online series in which the titular sock puppets — which sounds like a sex act but isn’t — review fake video games. The first episode is below, and the fake video games they review this time are Slap Dat Ass: Beat Jamz and the Home X-Ray Kit for the Zeus 720 gaming system. How that first game wasn’t featured in Idiocracy is a mystery.

Buzzfeed also conducted an interview with the sock puppets, which is a perfectly normal thing to do. Our favorite part was Chester’s message for the ladies.

Deer Internet girLs,
Hi. If you like smooth chills and fast thrills then maybe you should get with the program and check me. I’m filled with understanding and sensitive ways. I could maybe show you a charming day out dancing or even maybe rollerskating. So give me a shot. I can teach you the techniques of ancient lovers and our legs will chirp and rub together like crickets on a waterbed. I can be as fancy as you need or like and I’m all here for you. So press the 1 button if you like me and maybe the 2 button if you’d like to meet and 3 button if you’re a girl that wants to get serious with me, and maybe the 4 button if you like your bumps smooshed.

This crescent fresh guy sure knows the language of love.

Sidenote: Am I a little too obsessed if Olly says in the interview that Sifl met Chester in a cereal factory and I yell, “NO, Chester left his underwear in a cereal factory. Then Sifl found them in a cereal box and called the phone number written on the tag, because of course Chester puts his phone number in his underwear”?

Yeah, I may remember a little too much about this show, but do I remember stuff taught in my classes during the same time period? Nope. Oh well, how important could it be to remember anything from Llama School? I don’t even remember how to get there.

First episode:

How Sifl really met Chester:

Llama School:

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