Did I Really Like This? – Silkk The Shocker’s “It Ain’t My Fault”

01.27.13 5 years ago 38 Comments

Everything was better in the ’90s, right? Music, movies, television, heck entertainment in general stood on a higher tier than today’s gutter reality TV shows, uninspired films and filth on the radio. Ok, I’m exaggerating but to be serious, nostalgia is a dangerous drug. When it wears off, your memories get more than a little tainted.

Another YouTube binge saw me cross paths ‘ol Silkk The Shocker’s “It Ain’t My Fault.” This song gave license in my day bug out in general as it was rowdy music unfit yet totally appropriate for adolescent ears. Granted, it had been a long time since I last heard this record but the extended vacation from Silkk The Shocker’s single wasn’t without purpose. I just didn’t know it until I clicked play.

Mystikal’s verse is fine by me. Yet, I’m mad he played set-up for Silkk’s run on the track. The latter’s patented jumbled, off-beat flow came out in full force and sounds especially jarring if you kept his dysfunctional rhyme scheme in the back of your head. On “It Ain’t…,” it’s like hehassomuchtosayinsuchlittlespace…hecan’t…containhimself. Bars served no boundaries for this man but hey, that’s what made him popular with the kids.

Revisiting this song has been tough since, like I said, “It Ain’t My Fault” used to be my jam. The record’s regular airplay on BET’s Rap City and The Box after school coincide with the better days of my youth. Now it’s just an awkward song and my childhood is destroyed.

Writing this post reminds me about a rule towards hearing past music and, well, life in general. Sometimes it’s better to leave some things in the memory vault. You won’t always like your findings when you open the safe for old time’s sake.

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