No, The Simpsons Did Not Predict The Super Bowl Nine Years Ago

02.02.14 4 years ago 38 Comments


The above screencap of Homer Simpsons looking his TV while a 19-14 final score in a game between the Broncos and the Seahawks has been shared extensively over the last week, mostly by insipid viral sites, with the headline “ZOMG, THE SIMPSONS PREDICTED THE SUPER BOWL NINE YEARS AGO!”

Except, no, shut up, The Simpsons didn’t predict this Super Bowl. The image comes from a 2005 episode, titled “Bonfire of the Manatees”, in which Homer was gambling on a regular season game that happened to be between the Seahawks and the Broncos. In fact, the TV announcer notes that the game is being played at Mile High Stadium, not a neutral site. The words Super Bowl are never mentioned.


It would be one thing if it was one of the many Simpsons episodes that flashed forward to show the characters in the future. It wasn’t. It was an episode set in present day that showed a regular season game between the Broncos and Seahawks. The Simpsons used to have an annual tradition where they would rebroadcast the episode from the third season in which Lisa helps Homer bet on the Super Bowl. Each year, they would dub in the names of the teams playing the Super Bowl that season, though the show ended that practice many years ago.

Besides, in 2005, it would have hardly been a stretch to say Denver and Seattle would meet in that year’s Super Bowl, given that the Seahawks ended up getting there and the Broncos lost to the eventual champion Steelers in the AFC Championship. So if The Simpsons were actually trying to predict the Super Bowl that season (which they weren’t), which would make more sense than, say, trying to predict a Super Bowl happening nine years later, the show was wrong. It’s just a dumb coincidence that shitty clickbait sites are happy to distort to give them a shareable headline.

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