Sing A Song Of Sixpence Because Vince Young Needs That Cash

10.16.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

When Garageband starting coming standard on MacBooks, the general consensus was “Wow! We’ll start to hear nothing but brilliant music out of incredibly young people, because they have nothing but time and imagination!” Apart from the occasional Smoosh or Bloom Twins, what we actually got was dopes, who grew up thinking Weird Al’s songbook was a rubric for relevant pop hits, making YouTube videos with replaced lyrics in hopes that their mild online fame would get them Golden Corral bathroom handys from women that Big Ben would deem “positively unsuitable due to her voluminous carriage” (or however he would say that). Presented without comment, a plea to sign Vince Young by a Texans fan:

Ouch. Okay, presenting with comment now…

Instead of a flat, plug-in version of a Billy Joel song with forced lyric syllables worse than Billy Corgan’s lowest moments, Texans fans could have just adopted one of these songs in the same way their stadium DJ curiously made a jock jam out of a dreamy French band.

OR (either works)


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