Site News: KSK Editorial Changes Upon Meeting With Roger Goodell

08.23.13 4 years ago 94 Comments


Last night, Kissing Suzy Kolber editor Michael Tunison and general counsel Robert Wheel met with senior NFL brass at a very important New York bar.  Various items were discussed and we would like to take the opportunity to announce the site’s new editorial direction.  Please review the list of changes after the jump:

  • Concussions will be referred to by their official medical term: “head owies”
  • Site name changed to the more shield-friendly “Hugging Chris Mortensen”
  • Gruden Talk’s guest every week will be Dr. Ira Casson
  • Kill! Kill! Kill! is now Heads Up Animal USA sponsored by Play60
  • Commenter draft: your favorite NFL stadium policy
  • The sex and fantasy advice mailbag will let Antonio Cromartie know how much his paycheck is being garnished
  • LOLNFL will take on a new editorial tone as WINNFL
  • New weekly feature “Concussions aren’t so bad, wait, where am I?” by Jim McMahon
  • Replacement refs?  They weren’t so bad!
  • This Week In Fuck You changed to Every Week In Fuck You and it’ll just update you on what DeMaurice Smith has done since Monday
  • We’re keeping Fun With PK because Goodell still loves messing with that piece of shit

Oh, and we’d like to take the opportunity to tell PFT Commenter that we’ll miss him but we understand that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work as the NFL’s new VP in charge of media partnerships.

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