Site News: Move! That! Bus!

04.14.08 10 years ago 41 Comments

Good morning, fair readers. You may have noticed that the URL address insists that this site is now hosted on something called “uproxx” instead of our throwback blogspot address. You’ll also notice that everything looks pretty much the same, and the same will be true for our content: still lots of swearing, animal death-porn, and cheerleader cupcake on Fridays, plus the same formulaic imagined theater from your favorite KSKharacters that everyone loves so much.

Although visitors will be redirected automatically to our new URL, it may be wise to update your RSS feed and/or bookmarks.

So, why the change? Well, think of it as a particularly moving episode of Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition. We loved the way our old place looked, but this new site (constructed by that stupid-haired fucker with the annoying voice, the sensitive guy with glasses, and those two hot chicks) gives us special features that help our dysfunctional family live more comfortably. Drew has a special “applause room” where his petulant thirst for attention is sated, Christmas Ape and I have an on-site anger management counselor, the basement is outfitted with a troupe of actors ready to act out The Aristocrats for Punter, flubby got the wax museum he’s always wanted, and there are extra foot stools everywhere for the Maj.

We don’t think there are too many bugs to work out, but if there are, thanks for your patience. Or fuck you. Whatever makes you feel more at home here.

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