From The Land Of Pistols And Palm Trees

11.18.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

It never fails. Every two weeks or so when I speak to some of my people from Cali, I get the same question. “Come to Cali, man. What are you waiting for?” Each time, I never have an answer other than the fact that my money situation isn’t exactly ideal to make big moves like that at the moment.

The West Coast lifestyle has long since intrigued me from the food, to the movies and the music. Cali’s influence over the rap since the fall of Death Row is well documented, yet this doesn’t mean the state and coast lack talent worth mentioning. Skeme is one I’ve been keeping my eye on for the past few months, mainly catching up acclimating myself with all things him and his brand via Shake and Meka’s archives.

His newest project Pistols And Palm Trees, for lack of a better term, is inviting. Grab a pack of Swishers, Dutches and/or papers and burn one to “LA Night” featuring Dom Kennedy or even the Chris King produced and aptly titled “Don’t Lose Focus.” Pour up something with “We Know” and toast to life. Meanwhile, tracks in the breath of “Gotta Get It” and “Never Change” compliment the entire project because of their rapacious and introspective tones, respectively.

For those familiar with the Inglewood product, add this to your portfolio as I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. Now, for those who have never come across the man or his music, how’s this? Skeme, the people. The people, Skeme.

DownloadSkeme – “Pistols And Palms Trees” | Alt. Link

“Pistols” duplicates the style of music Caine and O-Dog would ride out to before they terrorized the local liquor store. It’s slow, it’s eerie, it’s G. Not to mention, it’s 40 ounces and Chuck Taylors.

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