Skeme Ft. T.I. – “Look What I Did”

06.24.14 3 years ago 6 Comments


I knew I was thinking too much into it. I knew reliving the glory years of T.I. past made absolutely no sense in predicting what Skeme and Tip’s new tune would result in. But here I was staring at “Look What I Did” foolishly thinking, “Now how dope would it be if Skeme remade ‘Look What I Got’ and got Clifford’s blessing.”

Thankfully, the end result isn’t abominable. What it is, however, is blues legend Howlin’ Wolf’s great-nephew (that’s Skeme, BTW) putting his best foot forward in hopes of creating a summer heater with help from Bankhead’s 2003 Trapper of the Year. The number isn’t a bad tune and one that likely sounds more aesthetic in proper settings (preferably in a car).

It’s also not anywhere near the instant banger the Trap Muzik classic was either. That’s what I get for thinking too damn much.

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