Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 5

04.30.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Back with another installment of his quarterly series, Skillz took his confessional show on the road to NYC for part five.  And who can blame him?  As the epicenter of our beloved culture, the city that never sleeps has to be full of people wanting to clear their conscience.  In an effort to provide the greatest catharsis possible Skillz targeted those who’ve had a considerable amount of contact with good ‘ol Lucifer over the years.  Featuring hitmen past & present; Deric “D. Dot” Angelettie, Sean C, LV & Young Chris (thrown in for good measure) all seek the restorative powers from the VA journeyman.

Every time one of these come out, there’s always one story that stands a cut above the rest.  This time that honor goes to D. Dot.  Anytime you can combine Diddy, Ma$e, a hit record & a wager for publishing all in one tale, then your destined to win.  Sean C’s also is pretty interesting… mainly due to the fact that it involves one the other participants, which makes for nice ‘lil double whammy.

Credit has to be given to Skillz for keeping this series going.  Although he’s not flooding the block with new ones in frequent fashion, whenever one does appear, it’s always well worth the time to go through the whole video.

See y’all sometime in July.

Skillz presents: Hip-Hop Confessions ep. 5 from Visually Inklined

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