Skylar Grey Ft. Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride”

11.28.12 5 years ago

After assisting in a few of Slim Shady’s hits in recent years, Skylar Grey made the Detroit native repay the favor for her debut mainstream single, “C’Mon Let Me Ride.”

Loosely based around an old Queen favorite and blatant innuendo, the interesting part about this poppy cut is that it puts the multifaceted singer/songwriter from Wisconsin in a much more light-hearted perspective in comparison to past work with Eminem, meaning casual fans expecting one thing will almost certainly get something other than expected. On the other side of that sword, however, lies a legit radio record with a verse from one of the biggest names in the industry and a whole slew of everyday listeners who have no clue what a Skyler Grey is and only care about jamming out to whatever poppy piece of bubblegum the FM provides.

With that said, this record is definitely going to get spins because of Interscope, but it actually might be just quirky enough to deserve a few of them.

Skylar Grey Ft. Eminem – “C’mon Let Me Ride”

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