SL Jones – “Sack Religious” Video + ‘Way Of Life No Hobby’ Tour

04.10.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

SL Jones has a knack for crafting catchy songs, while still keeping them one-hundred percent street. Unlike a lot of his higher-priority counterparts, big records like “Sack Religious” could’ve easily been a monetary-themed radio joint. Instead, this knocker from Jonesy’s recent Trapper’s Delight EP speaks on the demons associated with his black market lifestyle, offering both thanks and pleas for forgiveness for his out of studio duties. As a result, the record won’t get nearly as many spins had someone like Meek had the same beat, but both the track and accompanying visual are that much more potent as a result.

For more of SL Jones’ true talking trap raps, check out the Little Rock native headlining his upcoming The Way Of Life No Hobby tour, which is his first headlining tour and coming to city near you. Flyer below and hit up for additional info and ticket purchaes.

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