“Choked Out Saturday Night”

10.10.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

Words by Landon A.

In the Hip-Hop heads patented list of top ranked producers Organized Noize rarely make a scratch in the top 5, or even the top 10 for that matter. As a soldier for Southern Hip-Hop, ONP easily grace my list of top 5 producers, wedged somewhere between Pete Rock and Dilla (I won’t tell you exactly where). With a majority of OutKast’s and Goodie Mob’s discography under their belt as well as a handful of other artists, the unbeatable trio of Ray Murray, Rico Wade and their flamboyant third Sleepy Brown have defined Southern funk for the better part of a decade.

Among their many merits, Sleepy and his chums released a 1998 album entitled Vinyl Room under the name Sleepy’s Theme. The album consisted of classic spaced out Organoid beats accompanied by the soulful crooning of the talented Mr. Brown. The standout track to me was the weedhead anthem “Choked Out Saturday Night,” the simple arrangement of drums layered underneath a subtle piano make this an afterhours gem that knocks heavily in any clunker on a blunt route.


Download — Sleepy’s Theme – “Choked Out Saturday Night”

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