The iPod Shuffle – Slim Thug’s “Buss The Tech (Lil Flip & Sqad Up Diss)”

04.09.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Despite Sqad Up never amounting to much musically sans Weezy, the third verse on Slim Thug’s “Buss The Tech” basically serves as their tombstone. And not for nothing, Lil Flip – who was also being lyrically neutered by T.I. at the time – got pistol whipped, too.

“Fix ya face, you ain’t no G’s, quit telling lies
You lil’ pussies bout as gangsta as B5
Still ain’t gotta deal, far from rap stars
You niggas just around Lil Flip to wash cars
Go sell dope, ain’t no hope for you in this game
Your time’s up plus you running with a fucking lame
It’s a fucking shame how niggas can be broads
So I’ma have to make it my job to pull your cards
Lil Flip, he a hoe
Sqad Up, they some hoes
But I ain’t even have to say it
Shit, they already know…”

Go back and listen to Slim’s Boss Basics tape with Drama. You’ll thank me later.

Slim Thug – “Buss The Tech (Lil Flip Diss)”

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