Slingshot Cannon Versus Car, Who Ya Got?

Entertainment Editor

Take that, stupid trees, with your production of oxygen and providing of shade. GRRR!

Jörg Sprave of The Slingshot Channel has built a slingshot larger than his machete slingshot, Gatling gun slingshot, 6-shot slingshot, circular saw blade launcher, musket ball crossbow, and zombie decapitator combined. Its a ten-fold larger version of his desktop slingshot cannon. It fires 80 mm (3.15″) steel balls using six full Thera Band Gold stripes on each side; Sprave says this setup is 72 times stronger than a conventional slingshot, which makes him 72 times dreamier than other slingshot makers if you ask me.

This ten-foot-long cannon can fire the steel balls up to 200 meters (220 yards), but, more importantly, he shoots it at a car at close range in the video below because that’s exactly what you do with a homemade cannon. Even if you don’t have permission.

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