SNL Mocked Tim Tebow On Saturday Night, While The Internet Is Mocking Him Today

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12.19.11 3 Comments

Over the weekend, SNL mocked increasingly ubiquitous Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow with a skit in which Jesus appears in the teams locker room to tell the evangelical Christian quarterback to tone it down a bit. Then, when Jesus finds out that the Broncos’ next opponent is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, he lets it be known that Tebow’s sideline prayer sessions may not be much help to him in the game.
“If I’m the Son of God, Tom Brady’s gotta be the guy’s nephew,” Jesus, as played by SNL’s Jason Sudeikis, says.
Turns out, SNL Jesus was right — God was of no help to Tebow yesterday, bringing the Broncos miraculous winning streak to an end. Of course, people who hadn’t experienced the Grace of God have been of the opinion that Tebow was just a mediocre quarterback with extraordinary luck and an above average NFL defense, so not everyone was surprised that the Broncos got curbstomped 41-23 by the Patriots, proving that their deal with Satan is indeed still good.
Now, mocking somebody’s faith, especially when they’re down after a big loss, is tacky and immature — the internet would never do that. But mocking someone for disguising ego as faith, as SNL did the other night, is absolutely hilarious. So, have some day-after-a-loss macros, Timbo, and a ladder to help you get over yourself.

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